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L.A.M.A. Fredericksburg had its humble beginning in January 2013. In February 2017 our small family was promoted from being an organizing chapter to a fully sanctioned representation of the largest motorcycle association in the world.  We are a proud few of the Latin American Motorcycle Association in Fredericksburg Virginia.


Fredericksburg is located in Central Virginia 50 miles south of Washington D.C. and 60 miles north of Richmond.  We are a family oriented association, comprised of people from all walks of life.  We are a military friendly club that believes in family, camaraderie, and riding together locally and abroad.


We are good people, enjoying good music, good fun, and good food whenever we are together, wherever we go.  Best of all, we love to ride our motorcycles together.  Come ride with us.



LAMA Fredericksburg VA


Allentown, PA                  Annapolis, MD        

Atlanta, GA                     Baltimore, MD      

Bethlehem, PA                Boca Raton, FL       

Brandon, FL                    Bristol, CT

Buffalo, NY                      Cleveland, OH

Central Mass, MA           Chicago, IL (HQ)

Chicago South, IL           Chicago South, IL

Cicero, IL                        Dallas, TX

Deltona, FL                     Elgin, IL

Clermont, FL                   Columbus, OH    

Empire State, NY            Fayetteville, NC

Florida City, FL               Fredericksburg, VA

Ft. Myers, FL                   Gaithersburg, MD

Harrisburg, PA                Holyoke, MA

Jacksonville, FL              Kissimmee, FL

Lancaster, PA                  Los Angeles, CA

Marietta, GA                    Miami, FL

MidWay, NY                     Manville NJ

                                        Milwaukee, WI

Naples, FL                       New Haven, CT

New York City, NY           Newark, NJ

Orlando, FL                     Palm Beach, FL

Perth Amboy, NJ             Philadelphia, PA  Poconos, PA                   Port St. Lucie, FL

Queens, NY                    Reading, PA   

Rochester, NY                 Rockford, IL         Sarasota, FL                    San Jose, CA

Tampa, FL                       Vineland, PA

Washington, DC              W. Palm Beach, FL

Worcester, MA                 Youngstown, OH

        Australia                    Argentina                  Brazil                         Canada  

        Columbia                   Germany

        Italy                            Mexico    

        Puerto Rico                Spain                        Uruguay                     Venezuela

        Cuba                          Columbia                  Dominican                 Egypt                            Republic                Nigeria                

LAMA is growing by leaps and bounds every day.  By now, there are even more chapters, Nationally and Internationally.




The LATIN AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION (L.A.M.A.) was founded in 1977 in Chicago.  It was intended as a touring club and continues to be to this day.  LAMA became National in 1996 and International in 1999.  LAMA is now a club without borders and is the most respected club in the world.


To know LAMA is to visit the other chapters, in other cities and nations, and feel the warm hospitality.  We believe that it is more important to be human than to be Latin, Asian, Black, White, etc.  LAMA is also recognized as one of the most active long distance riding clubs in the world.


LAMA is one of the best clubs to be a part of.  We welcome you to join us and challenge you to help us improve it.


Mario Nieves, Founder & International President

Latin American Motorcycle Association Headquarters

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