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LAMA Fredericksburg  is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. Our mission is riding and the support of Motor Tourism as a sport.  With that said, we believe in being an integral part of our community and as such we organize charitable events to benefit those that are less fortunate.  


These events include:

  • toy drives, food drives, and diaper drives

  • motorcycle and car washes to support other charity organizations

  • and a host of other activities.


2020 is the seventh consecutive year in which LAMA Fredericksburg hosted an annual DIAPER DRIVE benefiting the Rappahannock Healthy Families Organization, and a TOY DRIVE to assist the families at the Thurman Brisben Center of Fredericksburg. 

This year, 2021, we are planning on doing these two, and more.  We invite you to come join us on our journey to help support our community.


For more information about the charities we support and to check out the dates & times of activities we attend, please see our calendar page, check us out on social media listed below, or email us on our contact us page.

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