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Virginia BiWay

Welcomes You

LAMA Fredericksburg VA Chapter is where riders from all roads unite for the thrill of the ride. We're not just bikers; we're a diverse group of individuals cruising together in our free-wheeling leisurely moments. Engaging in the local scene, we organize and join community events. Here, we bond, share, and celebrate diversity. It's the ultimate pit stop for bikers to swap stories, wisdom, and the joy of the open road.

A Club Without Borders 

Peace | Love | Harmony

The mission - promote Peace, Love, Harmony and non-Violence worldwide...

  • One of the most respected associations in the world. As a member of LAMA, doors will open in all cities with other chapters / clubs.

  • One of the most active long distance riding biker associations in the world. Our DAMAS DE LAMA, (official female member riders) accompany us on their own motorcycles, traveling extreme distances. Most motorcyclists find these distances too long, or almost impossible to complete, yet our male and female members perform these runs or rides often.

Contact Us

Need more intel? Drop us a message in our saddlebag form. An Officer will kickstart the reply and get back to you in no time.

"Ride on! Your submission has hit the throttle. An officer will cruise into your inbox ASAP. Until then, keep the rubber side down!"

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