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Community Impact

LAMA Fredericksburg is a not for profit Organization. Our mission is riding and supporting motor tourism as a sport.  With that said, we believe in being an integral part of our community, and as such we organize charitable events to benefit those that are less fortunate.  


These events include:

  • toy drives, food drives, and diaper drives

  • motorcycle and car washes to support other charity organizations

  • and a host of other activities.

Supported Organizations

Rappahannock Healthy Families

Healthy Families Rappahannock Area is a home-visiting service that supports new parents by
Building positive parent-child relationships
Understanding Your Child's development
Linking to available Resources
Being your #1 Cheerleader

How LAMA FXBG Supports

  • toy drives

  • diaper drives

  • monetary donations

The Brisben Center

The mission of The Brisben Center is to provide temporary shelter and equip residents for employability to resolve poverty and obtain housing.

How LAMA FXBG Supports

  • toy drive

The disAbility Resource Center

The disAbility Resource Center (dRC) is a Center for Independent Living (CIL) serving the Fredericksburg, Virginia, region since 1993. The dRC helps people with disabilities to meet their own, individualized independent living goals utilizing the following CIL Core Services:

Independent Living Skills Training
Individual & Systems Advocacy
Information & Referral
Peer Support
Transition Services

How LAMA FXBG Supports

  • monetary donations

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